jen-borman-aboutMEET JEN

Jen is a leading personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and lifestyle coach impacting the lives of clients in Columbus, Ohio.  Her training style and methodology work cohesively to create workouts that are specifically designed for each client.  Jen is known for her high-intensity, exhilarating workouts in both her personal training and group fitness classes.  “Since I’ve started working with Jen I’ve seen major changes in my body and mindset about what I’m capable of,” says one of her clients.

Training sessions with Jen are addictive, innovative and the results speak for themselves.  It’s her natural, easy connection with people that truly sets her apart.  Jen takes each client on with open arms, trust, and a drive to push them to be their best.  She is dedicated to teaching good form, letting clients know exactly what muscles they are working, and making every second count.  She is enthusiastic and believes you always have the power to do one more rep.  It’s Jen’s energy and genuine love of fitness that make her such a great trainer.  Clients crave their one-on-one sessions as well as her workout classes at The Butcher Shop Fitness and System of Strength.


Jen’s interest in health and fitness began at an early age.  She found her love for running and in-line skating in high school and played on the tennis team for Chatham College.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing and worked in the fashion industry for several years.  In 2009, she started Personal Training by Jen. She realized that helping people get healthy and happy were her true calling.

When Jen’s not working out in her home studio, training clients, or teaching workout classes, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, Jay, and their Old English Sheepdog, Barkley.  Jen travels to New York City several times during the year to check out the fitness scene by working with top celebrity trainers, taking fitness classes, and researching new techniques.  She brings this knowledge and inspiration back to share with her clients.


ISSA – International Sports Sciences Association
Lagree Fitness Method – Megaformer