Jen combines athletic training with an infusion of Pilates to create a whole new way to work the body.  Her workout method is structured around series (or circuits) that consist of strength training, plyometrics, cardio intervals, isometric holds, yoga, and core training – all with an infusion of Pilates-like moves.

Jen progressively switches up her clients routines, ensuring their bodies and minds are in a constant state of improvement rather than maintenance.  This approach allows clients to see results quickly and stick to the program she has designed for them.

Jen works with clients of all ages and fitness levels including pre and postnatal women.  Her home studio is the perfect set-up for someone who might not feel comfortable or even like going to a gym.  Jen believes in teaching her clients how to workout by instilling confidence and knowledge.

Music is a huge part of Jen’s training.  She believes that music makes you workout harder and longer.  New mixes are made every couple weeks.

Clients are sent home with Jen’s famous Almond Milk Banana smoothie after every session.

Children are welcome.  They may bring a movie or toys to keep busy while mom trains.


Jen encourages clients to adopt a back-to-basics philosophy when it comes to nutrition. She strongly advocates eating clean, unprocessed foods.  She has clients keep a journal to help track what they are consuming.  Success doesn’t equal a particular body weight, but rather the client’s ability to use the tools and knowledge she provides to gain an informed appreciation for their health.

Jen also designs meal and workout plans.  Prices for these plans vary.